INSTITUT MARINA is a Secondary School in an industrial town near Barcelona, La Llagosta.

We teach General Comprehensive studies to 12-16-year-old students and further education (16-18 years) to be prepared to get into University. We also offer vocational studies at our school. There are about 800 students. We have got one headmistress, two vice-headmasters, seventy-seven teachers and five administrative staff.  The education is based on several subjects such as Maths, Sciences, Languages and Social Sciences.

Our motivation to join this project:

We would like to raise the importance of the fact that 90% of cancer and other diseases are due to unhealthy living. There is a Catalan Healthcare Plan (2015-2010) in Catalonia since serious diseases are expected to raise around 25% in the next years. The reason for this project is this lack of awareness among our students due to several factors:

  • We are in a factory area, which contains the highest number of factories in Catalonia.

The tones of industrial waste are also quite high, around 7.200 of tones (Government of Catalonia). It’s stated that La Llagosta contains significant metal contamination in several points. Although NO2 air levels have remained stable over recent years in this area, levels recorded in the area have not complied with the established annual limit value (set at 40 micrograms/m3) for a number of years.

  • Our students fall into a daily routine that can include skipping breakfast, grabbing coke, chips, candies or doughnuts at the school canteen. It’s quite common to find students eating at the nearest McDonald’s. There is a general lack of awareness of the importance of how much bad fat they consume daily. Eating fruits or veggies is quite uncommon among teenagers.
  • We still have some students who start smoking during their teenage years, they are not aware of the toxins that tobacco contains. Binge drinking has become a routine when our teenagers hang out with their friends.
  • Daily exercise is missing among students due to their mobiles and computer games habits without realising its negative effects. At school, we don’t have a specific subject on health issues but this is a transversal topic that we try to make reference to in different subjects,especially in Biology and Physical Education.

We would like to get our students aware and compromised by means of Erasmus + and eTwinning projects, holding school campaigns (posters, slogans, research, small talks), prevention workshops, promoting sports, off school trips.

Our dissemination channels are: