Secondary Technical School Otrokovice is a large modern state school located in a small industrial town Otrokovice. The number of students is about 400 and staff number is about 97.

The school provides a complex preparation in the fields of study, which result both in a graduation exam and in a vocational certificate.

  • Chemistry (Applied Chemistry – graduation field, Gum Industry)
  • Mechanic of plumber and electro-technical devices (graduation field)
  • Mechanical – engineering branch (Car Mechanic, Tinsmith)
  • Electrical branch (Electrician, Auto Electrician)
  • Construction branch (Plumber, Bricklayer, Carpenter)
  • Services branch (Cook – Waiter/Waitress)

The school owns three halls for training, two student’s houses, a kitchen with a well-equipped dining room, a renovated gym, a new garage for car mechanics, a detached workplace for waiters and Experimentarium – an interactive educational centre. It is a place where students of vocational fields introduce some scientific rules to pupils of elementary schools and the public.

The school has wide range of experience with projects:

Our school has cooperated with Thomas Bata University in Zlín and regularly takes part in Scientists’ night. Our students participate in many competitions – of Chemistry or Microsoft competitions focused on new ICTs.

Our school has been involved into many international projects – ESF projects or Erasmus+ KA1 or KA2 projects. World – appreciated contribution of our students of chemistry is their participation in an international Globe project, which started in 1996. Our students are significant providers of meteorological and hydrological data to the American Globe project central office.

Our motivation to join this project :

As the new project is focused on Health, it is strongly connected to our main vocational branch – Chemistry. Our students of Applied chemistry are trained in theoretical knowledge and also in practical skills in school chemical laboratories by teachers – chemists – experts.

Both students and teachers can offer their experience in project tasks: – analysis of the environment and its influence on a healthy lifestyle – smoking, drinking and drugs – their harmful effects – analysis of food and water – comparing of healthy and unhealthy food – research of teenagers’ lifestyle and many other activities.

Our school can contribute to the success of this project by vocational knowledge and skills, project experience, enthusiasm and willingness to work on their life improvement.