Gimnazija Požega was founded in 1699 and is among the oldest educational institutions in the Republic of Croatia. It is a secondary school with the curriculum of general, natural sciences, mathematics and linguistic (language) grammar school. Since the beginning of September 2009, it has been located in a new school building in the centre of Požega. Teaching takes place in modern equipped classrooms and laboratories, and the large multimedia centre consists of a library and a reading room, a multimedia classroom, a conference hall with a gallery and a museum. On the roof, there is an observatory with a viewpoint. Gymnasium has 465 students (15-18 years old) and 66 members of staff. Teaching is organized in 23 classrooms and 3 programs (general, natural sciences and mathematics, linguistic).

From 2013 to 2015 the school participated in the project “GEL” (Gymnasium ecology laboratory). It dealt with the basic general education competences that students should acquire during high school education for independent and responsible civic behaviour in environmental protection and the promotion of sustainable development. The project was funded by EU pre-accession funds. This project is stimulated by the need for our school’s public activity after moving to a new school equipped with modern teaching equipment and information and communication technology. The issues of environmental protection and sustainability of development have been imposed as the key link of these challenges and needs. The main goal of the project was to create a high school curriculum for environmental protection and sustainable development. The curriculum was made by students, teachers and experts. We equipped and founded a gymnasium ecology laboratory, trained students and teachers to systematically record environmental conditions in our homeland, and conducted many surveys and measurements of the environment and nature.

Our strengths in this project:

  • We’d like to emphasize our social skills – good communication skills, team spirit and ability to adapt (experience while teaching),
  • Organizational skills – experience in teamwork and participation in actions and projects and as a logistics and as a leader,
  • Technical skills – We know how to use a camera, a DSLR camera, a recorder and other audio and video equipment,
  • Computer skills – a very good knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite (Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Excel) acquired during the ECDL certification program. Through extracurricular activities, we have learned to use some Adobe software packages designed for processing photos and videos (Photoshop, Adobe Premiere)
  • Artistic skills – we are engaged in photography and recording of radio shows, short films, documentaries and TV reportages.

Teacher project team

Student project team:

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