The project “”Health to meet you” (HealMe) deals with a subject that is on the rise in the EU: health problems.

Our partnership, formed by six partners, considered that a project was needed in order to improve the quality of education regarding health awareness and to provide the students with this knowledge, which is not regularly dealt in lessons.

The partner schools of the project are:

  • Střední průmyslová škola Otrokovice (Czech Republic)- coordinator
  • Necmi Asfuroğlu Anadolu Lisesi (Turkey)- partner
  • Institut Marina (Spain)- partner
  • BG/BRG Leibnitz (Austria)-partner
  • Gimnazija Požega (Croatia)-partner
  • Nikraces pamatskola (Latvia) – partner

The aims of the project are:

  • To raise the level of awareness among students, teachers, parents and community about environmental factors, healthier habits needed regarding nutrition, doing sports increased at least 50%.
  • To use technologies, especially mobile phones, consciously. The primary target audience will be pupils. Parents and teachers become role models concerning the use of screens.
  • To analyse the educational contexts of all partners and base project activities on identified needs.
  • To promote the exchange of good and innovative practices and experiences between European schools through the development of teaching materials based on strategies to increase health knowledge among students and parents.
  • To develop pupils’ researching skills, literacy, digital skills, and cross-curricular skills: critical thinking, collaboration, initiative, and communication.
  • To update and strengthen the professional competences of teachers regarding methodologies, dynamics and activities regarding health, developing their knowledge and skills in the design and organization of activities and lessons that help to increase awareness among students of health issues.

This project will follow these methodological bases:

  • Integrated PBL: curricular and involving different school subjects (English, Biology, Chemistry, Social Sciences, Technology, PE, and Health studies)
  • Mixed groups with students from schools in several project phases
  • Application Bloom’s taxonomy in the learning process
  • Reflective learning, formative and summative assessment: twinspace diaries, pre-test, post-test questionnaires, reports, articles, swot analysis, observation, work sessions, contests.
  • Through a waterfall management structure (initial assessment, plan, design, implement and ongoing assessment, verification, final assessment and maintenance), the Healthy Schools Guide will be developed.
  • Collaborative work

Regarding project’s results:

  • Development of a guide based on healthy habits that will contain 6 different dimensions (healthy lifestyles, environment, diet, screen time, get the beat, assessing advertising) designed by the partnership to increase awareness among students, teachers, parents and the community.
  • Students’ eTwinning project entitled Health to Meet You, which will be the title of the final product e-magazine published on Issuu.
  • Project final fair.

The students (14-18 years), who represent the main target group, will be involved continuously planning, implementing, disseminating, evaluating. There are two levels regarding project’s impact: developing competencies (communication, collaboration,  autonomy, initiative, creativity),which are necessary to get ready for a world of work, learning and life, and increasing their awareness of the importance of health and becoming mature, autonomous, and critical thinkers.

            The project has a direct link to the Euro 2020 strategy for a healthier Europe in its proposal to keeping people healthy and active for longer.

Our project slogan summarizes our main idea: “The Greatest Wealth is Health”.