Nīkrāces pamatskola is a public school, which provides general education from class 1 to class 9. At the moment, we have got 42 students aged between 6 and 16 years.

The school was established in 1841. At that time, the school was under the supervision of the Church, so for students there were only religious studies available. In November 1996, the school was moved to new premises in Dzelda. School has got eleven classrooms, a gym and a sports stadium. In school year 2019/2020 there are ten teachers in our team.

Since 2015 school implements Eco school programme under the supervision of FEE Latvia. School specializes in environmental education and sports. Since 2017 we are participating in FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) project “Eat responsibly!”, and that is the reason why students know a lot about healthy and responsible eating. The 9 obligatory topics of Eco-school (waste, energy, water, transport, environment and healthy lifestyle, climate change, forest, food and biodiversity), which are explored by students every year, covers the main idea of this project.

 Due to yearly project weeks, (in February) students have an adequate knowledge and skills in organizing campaigns and informing society. We would like to share our good practices with the rest of partners as well as enriching ourselves with other partners’ practices.