Necmi Asfuroğlu Anadolu Lisesi has been supported by a successful businessman Necmi Asfuroğlu since it was built under a special project in 2005.

It has got 32 classrooms, physics, chemistry, biology and computer laboratories, z-style library, conference hall, management rooms and department rooms. There is one headmaster, two vice-headmasters, fifty-six teachers, two officers and a cleaner. There are one thousand thirteen students in our school.  The education is based on science, maths, social sciences and languages. Every classroom has got a smartboard and fibre internet connection.

We have experienced several national and international projects:

We take part in TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey)projects every educational year and we had a championship on language field in Urfodu 2015 international science contests.

In 2016 our Project Erasmus+ “Let The Science Discover Us” was approved. As coordinator school, we executed this Project from 2016-2018. Another one is in 2017 Erasmus+ “Go For Literacy To Enlighten Your Future” as partner.

In addition, we held a project “Ebru meets Graffiti “with Butzbach Schrenzerscule a German school in 2011. We also had a trip to CERN(European Organization for Nuclear Research)science experiment centre in September 2014 which helped raise awareness and interest of both teachers and students to science. Some teachers of our school have also participated in international in-service teacher training seminars under the umbrella of previously Comenius and Grundtvig and Erasmus+ now.

As school, we have very dynamic, expert, social, open-mind to new approaches staff. This feature provides us advantage on education than the others schools. We are eager to develop our skills/talents on education.